Sponsor a Special Event

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Special Event for our patients and families at Nicklaus Children's Hospital. We welcome your Special Event ideas.

What is a Special Event?

Special Events refer to visits that allow our patients the opportunity for hands-on participation and involvement via unique experiences and activities.  Since many of our programs already provide ample craft and play opportunities daily, we value your creativity in proposing a visit which will provide our patients with a “one-of-a-kind” activity.  This is your time to explore your talents and skills and share them with our patients and families!

ALL GUESTS ATTENDING MUST READ, COMPLETE AND SIGN the application agreement. Please submit completed pages
to ChildrenandFamilyExperience@nicklaushealth.org.

Ideas for Special Events:

  • Broadway performances
  • Licensed character visits
  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Meet & Greets
  • Musical concerts
  • Watch parties
  • Special giveaways

Please ensure that your proposed idea will be enjoyable to a wide audience. Nicklaus Children's Hospital serves patients from birth to 21 years of age.

Rules and Guidelines

  • We recommend up-to-date immunizations, flu and COVID vaccines.
  • All special event guests must be in excellent health on the day of the visit.
  • For the safety of our patients, special event guests showing signs of fever, cough, or diarrhea on day of visit will be asked to refrain from entering the hospital. The event can be rescheduled for an alternative date.
  • HIPAA is a federal law that guarantees patient and family rights to confidentiality and privacy.
  • Participants may not inquire about a patient's condition or hospital stay.
  • No cell phone photography or personal photography is permitted.
  • Requests for photos must be made in advance of the event and only one designated photographer is permitted per event.
  • Requests for media, video recording, audio recording, or television news must be coordinated through the hospital’s Marketing and Communications department at least two weeks in advance. The department can be reached at 305-663-8476.
  • No more than FIVE members of the organization may participate, including an adult leader.
  • All individuals must be accompanied by a Nicklaus Children’s staff member while on the hospital campus or outpatient location.
  • Patient participation varies based on hospital admission and patient status.
  • Guests may not distribute toys, gifts, food or candy unless approved by the Nicklaus Children’s staff prior to the event date.
  • For the safety of our patients, toys and gifts must be NEW and age-appropriate. Please review our toy wish list.
  • Balloons: Nicklaus Children’s is a latex-free facility. Latex products, including balloons, are not permitted. Mylar balloons may be used.
  • Face paint: only individual and disposable applicators (one sponge/brush per patient) for make-up, face paint, and tattoo applications.
  • All perishable food items must be prepared and delivered by a licensed vendor or catering company. The catering company may be asked to provide proof of insurance. Arrangements must be made with Nicklaus Children's staff in order to keep food at safe temperatures during the event.
  • Shelf stable items must be store bought (no homemade foods or drinks) and in a sealed package.
  • Items containing peanuts and tree nuts are not permitted due to allergy risks.
  • Individuals must be responsible, friendly, clean and well-mannered.
  • No clothing with profane language and/or graphics. No shorts, tank tops, midriffs or miniskirts.
  • When gathering toy donations and preparing your activity, please take all ages into consideration, including infants, toddlers and adolescents.
  • Remember that children of all ages and abilities will be attending the event.

Cancellations must be made no later than 48 HOURS PRIOR to the event.