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About Jenise Subervi

Jenise is Miami born and bred, a former special education teacher turned portrait photographer. She is a wife and a mother of two. After leaving the classroom to stay home and take care of her son, she found that she needed a way to connect with other moms in meaningful ways. So she launched her blog,, in 2016.  She has been blogging about her motherhood experience and how to balance it all.  

Visit her website: A toddler and a topknot

Recent Blog Posts

Shingles and Breastfeeding

Over the summer, I was diagnosed with shingles.  Whenever someone has found out that I had shingles, they have been surprised. “I thought only the elderly got that,” is usually the response. It turns out, you can develop shingles at any age, but you’ll only get it if you have had chicken pox (varicella).

Keeping Safe this Summer

Making sure that someone is always paying attention to the water or to the children is a huge way to avoid a drowning event. To help you with this, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is distributing free Water Watcher badges to families in the community.