About Diane Morales


Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Diane Morales is a Certified Child Life Specialist and has been working at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital since 2016. Along with her clinical duties, Diane is involved in several programs within the hospital such as hosting the pre-surgical orientation program, supervising child life students, and supporting the annual Dr. Moises Simpser Ventilator Assisted Children’s Center (VACC) Camp.

Fluent in English and Spanish, Diane is passionate about helping children and families through their hospitalization at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. In her spare time Diane enjoys yoga, caring for her 3 dogs and tortoise, and working on her blog about her adventure as a child life specialist, www.Adventuresinchildlife.com

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Recent Blog Posts

The Importance of Maintaining Routines

Routines are an important part of everyday life, for children and adults alike. Routines make us feel safe, secure, and confident. During times like these when many children are unexpectedly home, it is especially important to keep a routine going to promote physical health and structure.