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About Anais Grullon

Anais Grullon is the owner and founder of Belle Bellina, a baby and kids store in Miami, FL. Her experience in the fashion industry led her to open up a store rooted in fashion for parents to be. Grullon believes there is a need for a sense of community for moms; where the latest and coolest products can be talked about and where a mom can go to and have a one stop shop. Whether it is in fashion, relationship advice, makeup advice, etc., Grullon wants to be there.

She is driven to help moms who struggle with becoming new parents. Grullon is currently working on a blog / vlog that focuses on her parenting journey experiences. She has hosted many successful that offer a variety of workshops and the latest must haves. Grullon is looking to take over as the cool mom that could!

Grullon is a wife, mother of two, entrepreneur and fashionista at heart.

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