To help you stay connected and informed, Nicklaus Children’s is pleased to offer the GetWellNetwork® in inpatient rooms. This service, available through your in-room television screen, offers many resources, including:

  • Email and internet access, including access to our interactive website
  • Entertainment (television, movies and games!)
  • Our in-house NCHSTV station can be viewed on channel 36
  • Information on keeping your child safe in the hospital
  • Educational videos related to your child’s specific health needs
  • Information on fun activities available for children at Nicklaus Children’s
  • Information on hospital programs and services (food service and other conveniences)
  • Opportunities to provide feedback on hospital care (compliments and concerns)

Need help with GetWellNetwork? Contact our 24-hour help desk team at 1-888-GWN-DESK (1-888-496-3375).