How do I view medical records documents?

Follow these steps to view or obtain copies of medical records:

  1. Launch the MyKids Patient Portal app.
  2. Click the “Clinical Record” section. Here, you can choose to view different categories of information.
    • The "Health Record Summary" contains information about your child’s medications, allergies, immunizations, health issues, and past procedures.
    • The "Documents" section contains summaries of clinic and hospital visits, as well as any educational materials that were provided as part of your childs’ visit. You must have a PDF reader to view or download a document.
    • The "Labs" section will have most of your child's lab test results. Test results for sensitive information will not be available in MyKids patient portal.
  3. The "Copy of Record" section allows you to view or download a "Continuity of Care Document" (CCD).

Test results are usually released to MyKids Patient Portal within three (3) days. Certain restrictions apply.
For medical records that are not included on your MyKids portal and for which you need a copy, please complete the consent for record request. You may contact the office of Health Information Management (HIM) at 1-800-432-6837 for assistance in obtaining medical records.