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Before Your Surgery

It is nmal to lose blood during surgery. Sometimes a patient needs to receive donated blood after the surgery. There are different ways of doing this:
  • You may donate your own blood before your surgery (lots of kids and teens do this!).
  • Your family or friends can donate their blood for you.
  • You may get blood from the blood bank here at the hospital.
If you or a family member or friend wants to donate blood, here are some guidelines. Blood donors must be healthy and not have any infections when donating their blood. This protects blood recipients from contracting illness from blood. Those wanting to donate blood should eat a healthy meal 2 to 4 hours before donation, and should not perform strenuous exercise for 12 hours afterward. It is also a good idea to drink more fluids and eat more fruits and vegetables than usual if you have given blood.
Your doctor may recommend additional tests before your surgery.

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