Speech Language and Pathology

The speech and language pathologist with feeding experience will assist you with learning how to feed your infant. In subsequent visits to the team, the speech pathologist will evaluate speech and language and will make necessary recommendations to ensure that your child’s speech develops correctly.

The first evaluation of your child will probably occur sometime in the first year. As your child grows and develops, the speech pathologist will evaluate the following:

  • How well your child understands language and puts ideas into words
  • How well your child can make various sounds
  • The tone quality of your child’s voice

Speech pathologists are trained to prevent as well as correct speech problems, They can teach children with a cleft palate to develop clear speech and show parents how to perform speech therapy with the child at home. Some children need little to no therapy, while others may need therapy support for several years.

With adequate help, practically all children with cleft lip/palate develop easily understood speech. They may speak as well as their classmates by the time schooling begins.

Pediatric Speech Language Pathologists

Lynn L. Graff MA, MS, CCC-SLP

Chantel Hernandez, MS, CC-SLP

Jeanette Perez MS, CCC-SLP

Michelle C. Prüss MS, CCC-SLP

Claryza Pujol MS, CCC-SLP

Jennifer Rodriguez MA, CCC-SLP

Jo Ann Vargas MA, CCC-SLP

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