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Ear deformity correction in newborns

Irregularities in the shape of a newborn’s ears are often overlooked by parents and the medical community. Families and even physicians may not be aware that ear malformations can be successfully treated without surgery during early infancy.

Ear Molding

The Nicklaus Children's Hospital Department of Plastic Surgery utilizes specialized orthopedic appliances that apply gentle pressure to gradually correct ear deformities in newborns. A mold is crafted to address the specific needs of each child as part of the individualized treatment plan. 

The Importance of Early Intervention

For best results, treatment should begin within the six weeks after birth. Why? During these early weeks, the cartilage forming a baby’s ear is quite malleable. After the early months, the cartilage becomes more stiff and inflexible. Correcting ear malformations later in a child’s life may require surgical intervention.

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