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Excessive Daytime Sleeping (EDS)

What is Excessive Daytime Sleeping (EDS)?

Excessive Daytime Sleeping (EDS) is characterized by constant sleepiness and a general lack of energy, even after seemingly adequate or even extended night time sleep.

What causes EDS?

  • Insufficient quality or quantity of nigh time sleep
  • Sleep disorders (narcolepsy, sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome)

How is EDS treated?

  • Medication

Service Locations

Dan Marino Outpatient Center
Nicklaus Children's
Dan Marino Outpatient Center
2900 S. Commerce Pkwy
Weston, FL 33331

For inquiries regarding a sleep disorder,
please call (305) 662-8330.

To schedule Sleep Lab appointment,
please call (305) 663-8413.

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