3D Images of Cerebral Tracts


The following images consist of a comparison of brain dissections and 3D images obtained by post-processing DTI fiber tracking. The postmortem brain dissections images are obtained with permission from Dr. Terence H. Williams, MD, PhD. They were downloaded from University of Iowa.

Until now there has never been an exam to demonstrate the superior longitudinal fasciculus. Postmortem dissections are limited to the gross anatomical structure.

Once a given structure can be isolated with imaging, it can be displayed three-dimentionally. Brain fasciculi (tracts) are complex, in that they are oriented in multiple planes. The understanding of the anatomy of these tracts is greatly facilitated with 3D display.

This is accomplished by computer processing of DTI sequences, and corregistered anatomical images. The 3D relation of the tracts within another larger 3D structure (brain) is performed by displaying the tract in an orthogonal view along with a 3D static view at an angle suited to the course of the tract of interest.