MSO - Management Service Organization

Collaborating to Enhance Independent Physician Practices

Nicklaus Children's Hospital is currently providing administrative and support services to more than 130 employed physicians and would like to extend its benefits to non-employed physician partners to support teams in reaping the benefits of the hospital’s state-of-the-art systems. Nicklaus Children's Hospital can provide complete Management Service Organization (MSO) services to other healthcare organizations and their respective physician stakeholders.

MSO members are independent practitioners that are interested in aligning with Nicklaus Children's Hospital for:

  • Aid with the many administrative/operational aspects of running a practice
  • Facilitation of better pricing for supplies and materials
  • Assistance in achieving clinical, operational and financial optimization
  • Support in dealing with the challenges and demands of healthcare reform

Current MSO member benefits include:

  • Vaccine program discounted pricing and rebate program
  • Office and medical supply discounts
  • Environmental waste disposal discounts
  • Preferred pricing for malpractice coverage
  • Tele-health/telemedicine services support
  • Compliance courses
  • Risk management support
  • HR Support

Preparing for healthcare reform:

  • Clinical integration within the MSO
  • Managed care contracting
  • Supporting the quality management needs and reporting of clinical outcomes for MSO member practices
  • Quality dashboard reporting allowing for population health management and continuous process improvement

Benefits of Partnering with MSO

Many independent physician practices can benefit from practice optimization services. Yet many do not have the capacity to make the tremendous financial or time investments required to address issues that impede the practice’s growth and financial success Common challenges include:

  • Need to increase productivity and lower practice-related costs.
  • Need to implement technology solutions necessary to meet market demands.
  • Need to lessen areas of hospital and physician conflict and competition.
  • Need for clinical enhancements to support patient care and outcomes.

Nicklaus Children's Solution to Practice Challenges

MCHS Solution to Practice Challenges

For more information about the offerings of Nicklaus Children's Health System’s Management Service Organization, please contact 786-624-2019, via email: