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Teen Applicant

Commitment & Requirements

Application Process: 
  1. Summer Commitment 2017: Applications will be posted on March 21, 2017 beginning at 4:30 AM. Applications will be accepted on that day only, until capacity is reached. 
  2. Academic Year Commitment 2017-2018: Applications will be posted and accepted on August 1, 2017, until capacity is reached.

Completed applications with parental consent and all required documents specified below must be emailed in PDF format, in one email, to An acknowledgement email will be sent once received. If an acknowledgement email is not received within 48 hours, applicants must contact the Volunteer Resources office at 786-624-4431 to inquire. 

Must submit applications along with the following:

  1. Documentation of immunization records for MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) and Varicella (Chicken Pox)
  2. Most recent report card (all academic grades must be B or better and conduct grades must be B or better to be eligible for the program)
  3. Copy of birth certificate or proof of age (14 years of age minimum requirement)
Applications WILL NOT be accepted if:
  • incomplete
  • missing required documentation
  • not in PDF format
  • received outside the dates specified above
  • we reach capacity
  • documents are sent in multiple emails
NOTE: Due to the high level of applications we receive, the above dates do not guarantee acceptance. Qualified applications are received on a first-come basis until we reach capacity.
Teen Summer Commitment: (Professional Staff Support, Administrative and Limited Patient Area)
  • Volunteer two times a week in three-hour shifts
  • One week off allowed during the full summer commitment period
  • Begins the week after school ends, through the last week before school begins
Full Academic Year Commitment: (Professional Staff Support, Administrative and Limited Patient Area)
  • Volunteer weekly in a three hour shift
  • Two Absences allowed in a three-month period of time
  • Begins in September through the end of the school year in May/June

Verification of Hours: Volunteer hours will be verified and signed off once the minimum commitment stated above has been met and ID has been returned.
Orientation & Training: Orientation attendance is required and provided by the Volunteer Resources Department. An orientation notice invitation with an RSVP response required will be sent, after applications have been received and accepted. The Volunteer Orientation presentation takes approximately three hours. Additional training may be required.
Interview: Applicants will be interviewed after attending a volunteer orientation. The purpose of the interview is to help the applicant and the Volunteer Recourses staff to become acquainted. Acceptance into the program is decided at that time, as well as determine a volunteer assignment and schedule. Volunteer assignments and placements are not guaranteed and are based on availability and the outcome of the interview. Once the schedule is determined at the interview, it cannot be changed. Accepted applicants are required to purchase a uniform immediately following the interview.
Tuberculosis (TB) Test Requirement: Teen volunteers will be responsible to get a TB test within 7 days following the interview. A TB test can be obtained at a Minute Clinic or with a physician. Volunteers that do not comply will not be processed for the summer program.

Further details on the volunteer program, policies and rules will be provided at the Volunteer Orientation.

Applications & Forms

Please email your completed application to:

To learn more about volunteering opportunities at Nicklaus Children's Hospital you may also call 305-662-8225.

Download the Volunteer Handbook PDF

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