Special Events

Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, recognizes the many choices available in our community, and wants to begin by thanking you for thinking of us. We welcome your ideas and interest in providing a Special Event for our patients.

What is a Special Event?
Special Events refer to visits that allow our patients the opportunity for hands-on participation and involvement via unique experiences and activities.   Since many of our programs already provide ample craft and play opportunities daily, we value your creativity in proposing a visit which will provide our patients with a “one-of-a-kind” activity.  This is your time to explore your talents and skills and share them with our patients and families!
Ideas for Special Events:
  • Jewelry making with unique beads/wires/materials
  • Scrapbooking
  • Magic shows
  • Dance, theater and/or musical performances
  • Visits by sports figures and celebrities
  • Visits by child-friendly costumed characters

Please ensure that your proposed idea will be enjoyable to a wide audience since our hospital serves patients ranging in age from birth through 21 years old.

Where do Special Events occur?
Below are the areas of the hospital which are available for Special Events.  Please take some time to read about each area and contact Nuria Claramunt (Nuria.Claramunt@mch.com) once you have chosen your location and your proposed, unique idea!
  1. Main Playroom with Child Life  
  2. Michael Fux Family Center   
  3. Radio Lollipop     
  4. Child Care Center    
  5. Psychiatry Unit    

Rules and Guidelines to read prior to scheduling your event:

  • SUBMITTAL OF SPECIAL EVENTS APPLICATION:  Please submit completed application to Nuria.Claramunt@mch.com. If your event is less than four weeks from submittal date, please call 786-624-4431 for consultation.

  • INFECTION CONTROL: Visitors must be 15 years of age or older, have their immunization for Measles and Rubella up to date, be immune to chicken pox and be in excellent health on the day of the visit.

  • HIPAA REGULATIONS: Guarantees the Patients and Family rights to Confidentiality and Privacy. Confidentiality means that all information about the child and family is protected. DO NOT inquire about a patient’s condition or hospital stay.

  • NO PHOTOGRAPHY:  Due to patient privacy regulations, photography and videography is not allowed on campus. Any special requests must be coordinated with the Marketing Department at least two weeks prior to the event. The privacy and confidentiality of our patients and families deserves our utmost respect.

  • NUMBER OF ATTENDEES:  No more than FIVE members of your organization may participate, including an adult leader. No more than THREE members of a group are allowed to visit the PICU and for playroom activities. All individuals and/or groups must be accompanied by a Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, staff member while in the hospital. The number of patient participation will vary based on census and medical condition.

  • TOY &  DISTRIBUTIONS: Visitors may not distribute any toys, prizes, gifts, food, or candy unless approved by the Community & Volunteer Resources Department, Child Life Department or Michael Fux Family Center Staff prior to the visitation date. You will receive a telephone and written confirmation. No religious oriented entertainment, activities, or gifts.  Only NEW, unwrapped toys can be accepted to be given to the children. Due to limited time and space, your organization may be asked to split into smaller groups. Please come prepared to do so. Remember we are here for the children!!

  • ATTIRE: All individuals and groups must at all times be responsible, friendly, clean, and well mannered. Child-friendly attire is appreciated. No shorts, tank tops, midriffs, or mini skirts.  No high heels are allowed in the outside playroom area. 

  • FLYER: It is optional for your group to send a draft of a flyer describing your activity. You can send it two weeks prior to the event to be distributed by staff.

  • Please remember that you will have children of all ages and abilities. Our most difficult population to provide for are infants/toddlers and adolescents.  Please keep them in mind when gathering your donations and preparing your activity.

    Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, staff reserves the right to cancel or discontinue special events at any time if they are thought to be inappropriate or unsafe for the patients, and in rare cases, such as, low census, bereavement, or crisis situation.

Application process for your Special Event visit:

Please read and complete the application, save and email back to Nuria.Claramunt@mch.com.  Nuria will review and discuss your proposed special event idea for the location you have selected.  A confirmation email is sent to you once the event has been approved.  If your event is less than four weeks from application submittal date, please call 786-624-4431 for consultation. 

Thank you once again for your interest in bringing joy through your event to our patients at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital.


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