Rotavirus Infections

Also known as: rotavirus, gastroenteritis.

What are rotavirus infections?

Rotavirus infections are viral infections that mainly cause digestive symptoms. The illness caused by rotavirus is known as gastroenteritis and primarily affects children before the age of 5.

What causes rotavirus infections?

Rotavirus infections can be spread through the stool of the infected child or person. It most commonly affects children but can also affect adults if they don’t take care to thoroughly wash hands after changing diapers or helping an affected child with wiping.

What are the symptoms of rotavirus infections?

Fever, vomiting and three to seven days of runny diarrhea are common symptoms of rotavirus infections.

What are rotavirus infections care options?

Vaccines are available to protect children against rotavirus infections. If the illness occurs, it usually has to run its course. Plenty of fluids or hydrating drinks are important for the child during this time.

Reviewed by: P. Marcelo Laufer, MD

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