Also known as: no ear, absence of the ear, ear malformations.

What is anotia?

Anotia is a rare congenital disorder in which the visible portion of the ear (external ear) is completely missing at birth. It can affect one or both ears.

What causes anotia?

The exact cause of anotia is not entirely clear. It may be related to the expecting mother being exposed to certain prescription or recreational drugs or having certain nutritional deficiencies. It can also occur as part of a genetic syndrome.

What are the symptoms of anotia?

Usually with anotia, the inner ear is unaffected. Affected babies can also have defects of the ear canal and the middle ear. Hearing can therefore be impaired.

What are anotia care options?

The external ear can be surgically reconstructed in children with anotia. Hearing can be improved with a hearing aid or in some cases, with surgical reconstruction of the ear canal.

Reviewed by: Saoussen Salhi, MD

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