Also known as: invagination, telescoping.

What is intussusception?

When part of the intestine folds in on itself and blocks the flow of materials through the intestine, this condition is known as intussusception. It can have potentially serious consequences.

What causes intussusception? 
The cause of intussusception is often unknown. In some cases, a growth such as a polyp can be the cause of the intussception; as the intestine pushes against such a lesion, it can start to fold in on itself

What are the symptoms of intussusception? 
Abdominal pain, blood and mucus in the stools, a lump in the abdomen, lethargy, diarrhea, fever, or vomiting are all potential symptoms of intussusception.

What are intussusception care options? 
Some cases of intussusception can be resolved with an air enema (done by radiology) that corrects the problem. If this doesn’t work, surgery is typically required.

Reviewed by: John M. Peters, DO

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