Ear Deformities

Also known as: Ear deformities

Ear Molding Treatment for Newborns with Ear Anomalies

Ear molding treatment specialized devices that apply gentle pressure to gradually correct ear deformities in newborns. A mold is crafted to address the specific needs of each chils as part of the individualized treatment plan.
Helical rim Anomala
Absent rim
Rim and scapha anomaly
Cup ear
Hemifacial microsomia

The Importance of Early Intervention

For the best results, treatment should begin within the six weeks immediately after birth. Why? During these early weeks, the cartilage forming a baby's ear is quite malleable. After the early months, the cartilage becomes more stiff and is quite inflexible. Correcting ear malformations later in a child's life may require surgical intervention.

The Nicklaus Children's Hospital Craniofacial Center

Ear molding services for newborns are provided by the  plastic and reconstructive surgeons of the Nicklaus Children's Craniofacial Center team. This highly experienced pediatric specialty team is renowned for offering surgical needs. The ear molding program offers optimal care for children with ear anomalies, often eliminating the need for surgical intervention. it is part of the Craniofacial Center's commitment to optimizing the care experience for children and families.
The craniofacial Center offers comprehensive care for children with facial differences. The center brings together a multidisciplinay team to address the full range of needs. The goal is to offer optimal coordinated care in an environment that puts the child and family first.

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