Dermoid Cyst

Also known as: dermoid cyst of the brow.

What is a dermoid cyst?

Dermoid cysts in infants and children are typically embryologic remnants where tissue that was supposed to be on the outer layer of the baby develops under the skin. This cause a small firm mass to develop. They are commonly found at the eyebrow, nose, and scalp.

What causes dermoid cyst?

Dermoid cysts occur while the fetus is developing in the uterus. Skin or other bodily components that typically grow normally will become trapped and grow within a sac.

What are the symptoms of dermoid cyst?

Many dermoid cysts grow slowly and do not cause symptoms. Some can be tender, painful, change color or become infected.

What are dermoid cyst care options?

When indicated, dermoid cysts can be removed easily by a simple surgical procedure.

Reviewed by: Chad A Perlyn, MD

This page was last updated on: 3/22/2018 10:39:28 AM

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