Synovial sarcoma

Also known as: malignant synovioma, soft tissue sarcoma

What is synovial sarcoma?

Synovial sarcomas are a rare form of slow growing soft tissue cancer that commonly forms around the joints in the arms or legs (but can also occur in the kidneys or lungs) in adolescent or young adults (in males a little more frequently than females).

What causes synovial sarcoma?

There may be a genetic component to synovial sarcoma.

What are the signs and symptoms of synovial sarcoma?

Signs and symptoms may not be noticed for a while as the tumor grows slowly. When they do occur they may include a mass or swelling where the tumor is present. As it grows, it can produce pain near the joints or difficulty moving the affected parts of the body. It can also have symptoms relating to an organ that isn't functioning normally (eg. difficulty breathing).

What are synovial sarcoma care options?

Surgical removal is usually the first step, with, if necessary chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Reviewed by: Jack Wolfsdorf, MD, FAAP

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