PK Test

Also known as: pyruvate kinase test, pyruvate kinase blood test.

What is a PK test?

Pyruvate kinase, or PK, is an enzyme found within the body. A deficiency of this particular enzyme is related to a certain type of anemia. A PK test is a test of the content of pyruvate kinase within the blood. It’s used as a diagnostic tool for certain medical conditions, including some types of anemia.

What happens during the test?

A routine blood draw is required in order to perform a PK test. The blood sample is then taken to a laboratory for testing and analysis.

Is any special preparation needed?

In most cases, no special preparation is needed for the test.

What are the risk factors?

Infection, bleeding and damage to surrounding organs and tissues are potential risks of the blood draw that takes place prior to the PK test.

Reviewed by: Guillermo R De Angulo, MD

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