Tooth Extraction

What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from socket in the bone.

child tooth extraction is not very difficult but it should be carefully thought over before being done. Many parents believe that their kid’s teeth are worthless and should be taken out instead of being saved.  Kid’s teeth have an important purpose and removing them prematurely can cause a lot of problems.  Kid’s teeth act like natural braces.  They guide the adult teeth up into the correct places and hold the space in the mouth so that the adult teeth do not become crowded when they come up.

child tooth extraction done too early can cause the open space where the tooth used to be close up so that the adult tooth underneath can not come in straight.  It is always best to keep a naturally designed real tooth but this can not always be done.  A fixed space maintainer can hold the space until the adult tooth underneath erupts into the mouth.  A removable retainer is an option too but most kids lose their retainers and do not wear them.

Fortunately, when necessary, a child tooth extraction is usually an easy affair.  Kids require much less anesthetic than adults and usually have very little to no discomfort during their procedures…They often are more excited about the Tooth Fairy coming and don’t worry about possible dental pain.  Most kids do not need a narcotic analgesic or pain medications.

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