Inspiring Leukemia & Lymphoma Patient Stories

Read inspiring stories of hope from patients and families treated at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

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Logan's Inspiring Journey: Breakthrough Pediatric Cancer Treatment

Meet Logan, 8, and his journey battling a relapsed acute myeloid leukemia, which yielded groundbreaking pediatric cancer treatment results. Read this story.

Zayia's Success Story

Zayia was diagnosed with pre-B acute lymphocytic leukemia when she was 14 years old. With support from Make-A-Wish Southern Florida, Zayia decided to spend her day giving back to other children undergoing cancer treatment at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.  Read this story.

Patient of the Month: Isabella

At only 7 years old, Isabella began to complain about having back pains. Unable to run and play with her friends, or even walk at times, her mother decided it was time to visit an orthopedist. After several blood tests and an MRI, it was determined that Isabella had leukemia. Read this story.

Patient of the Month: Mateo

When Mateo was just two years old, his parents were shocked to discover that their toddler developed leukemia. They met with the hematology and oncology specialists at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and began a treatment protocol that brought Mateo back to health—along with some entertainment from his spirited little sister! Mateo, now 10, is a healthy, typical kid who loves running around with his friends. Read this story.

A Cancer Cure for Kira

Kira, 13, can say “I beat cancer” in four languages: English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. The budding linguist and aspiring make-up artist (at least for the moment) is happy to have cancer in the rear view mirror after a 2014 bone marrow transplant that cured her of acute lymphocytic leukemia. Read this story.

Patient of the Month: Raquel

At just 16 years old, Raquel was diagnosed with Pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She first noticed something was wrong in the summer of 2015 when she realized she had swollen glands behind her ear. Read this story.

Sabrina's Bone Marrow Transplant Success Story

Thriving after undergoing bone marrow transplant from two donated umbilical cord units, Sabrina celebrates her 15th birthday after sucessfully recovering from the transplant to treat her Leukemia. Read this story.

Patient of the Month: Leslie

Nine months after first being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), Leslie Rodriguez is getting back to being a healthy, happy kid. She's in school and accumulating honors happily.  Read this story.

Caroline's Success Story

14-year-old Caroline Pallidine found the care she needed to overcome leukemia and the strength to face the world without the once-flowing tresses she lost to chemotherapy. Caroline was hospitalized in the Oncology Unit in July 2011, when a visit from musician Armando “Pitbull” Perez, as part of the national “Get Well Soon Tour,” inspired her to shed the wig she had been wearing when out in public. Read this story.

Jany's Success Story

At 15, Jany knows not to sweat the small stuff. In the months since she was diagnosed with cancer, the Westwood Christian School sophomore has gained a rare perspective on life.Today, Jany is cancer-free and pursuing her education at home while waiting for her immune system to regain strength. Read this story.

Daniella's Story

Daniella dreams of being a pediatric oncology nurse - not a common career ambition for a teenager. But Daniella is not your typical teen. The determined 16-year-old has faced a highly aggressive form of cancer and has been disease-free for three years. Read this story.