Functional Constipation

Also known as: chronic idiopathic constipation, CIC

What is functional constipation?

Constipation is a common symptom that refers to the inability or difficulty to produce a bowel movement. When idiopathic constipation is present, that simply means that the cause of constipation is unknown. In some cases, the constipation can be so severe that it causes dangerous symptoms.

What causes functional constipation?

As the name suggests, the precise cause of idiopathic constipation is unknown.

What are the symptoms of functional constipation?

The inability to have bowel movement regularly, painful bowel movements, hard bowel movements, difficulty with bowel movements or a child who soils himself frequently are common symptoms of idiopathic constipation.

What are functional constipation care options?

A regular balanced diet that's high in fiber, plentiful fluids and laxative use are all potential treatments for idiopathic constipation. Children may also need to take a Bowel Management Program to understand how to go to the bathroom properly. In extreme cases, surgery may be necessary.

Reviewed by: Juan L Calisto, MD

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