Cloacal Exstrophy

Also known as: EC.

What is cloacal exstrophy?

Cloacal exstrophy is a birth defect that is linked to malformations of the urinary bladder, portions of the rectum and intestines, vaginal structures in females, and pelvis.

What causes cloacal exstrophy?

The cause of cloacal exstrophy is unknown.

What are the symptoms of cloacal exstrophy?

The physical symptoms of cloacal exstrophy are related to the structural abnormalities described above, and often include urinary tract problems and difficulties with eliminating stool appropriately, among other issues.

What are cloacal exstrophy care options?

In many cases, the problems related to cloacal exstrophy can be repaired surgically. These are often major surgeries that are performed in stages.

Reviewed by: John M. Peters, DO

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