Acetabular Labral Tears

Also known as: Labral tear of the hip.

What are acetabular labral tears?

The labrum is the cartilage ring at the edge of your hip socket. When this ring of cartilage tears, it’s known as an acetabular labral tear. It can cause pain and occasionally snapping.

What causes acetabular labral tears?

Labral tears can be caused from a variety of traumatic injuries. They can also be caused by normal activities of daily living if there is an underlying abnormality of the hip or hip socket.

What are the symptoms of acetabular labral tears?

The most common symptom of an acetabular labral tear is groin pain. Occasionally, snapping or locking can also occur.

What are acetabular labral tear care options?

Conservative treatments include anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy. If these treatments aren’t successful, open or arthroscopic surgery can treat the underlying problem.

Reviewed by: Kevin S Horowitz, MD

This page was last updated on: September 14, 2021 03:16 PM

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