Myxoid Liposarcoma

Also known as: round cell liposarcoma, myxoid/round cell liposarcoma, MRCLS

What is myxoid liposarcoma?

Liposarcomas are a rare form of cancer that develop in the body’s fat cells. Myxoid liposarcoma is one subtype of liposarcoma. The condition tends to affect people from age 20 to 40 and often produces a visible lump under the skin on the legs or arms.

What causes myxoid liposarcoma?

Like most forms of cancer, myxoid liposarcoma develops due to changes in a cell’s DNA. What specifically causes these changes to occur isn’t clear.

What are the symptoms of myxoid liposarcoma?

The visible lump under the skin on the arms or legs is the most common symptom of myxoid liposarcoma. As the cancer grows, it can also cause pain, nausea, fatigue or unexplained weight loss.

How can myxoid liposarcoma affect children?

Liposarcomas are very rare, but myxoid liposarcoma is the most common subtype found in children. It presents and is treated similarly to adults.

What are myxoid liposarcoma treatments?

Surgery to remove the tumor and surrounding tissue, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are all potential treatments for myxoid liposarcoma. In many cases, some combination of these treatments is used to fully rid the body of cancer.

Reviewed by: Maggie Fader, MD

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