b'This is usually communicated by the patient, the patientscomplaint related to rights and limitations. A written family, or patient representative and can be resolvedcompliant is always considered a grievance. However, immediately through service recovery actions. billing issues alone are not usually considered grievance unless it is related to rights and limitations.Complaintis an expressive statement of dissatisfaction or annoyance about something. This can be resolved withIf a verbal patient care complaint cannot be resolved at communication by staff with the patient, patients family,the time of the complaint by staff present, is postponed or patient representative and demonstrating the I CREATEfor later resolution, is referred to other staff for later values and behaviors. Staff are empowered to engage in: resolution, requires investigation, or requires further actions for resolution, then the complaint is a grievance for the Active listening purposes of these requirements.Acknowledging the problem Whenever the patient or the patients representative Understanding the facts requests that their complaint be handled as a formal Showing empathy complaint or grievance or when the patient requests a response from the hospital, the complaint is considered a How is follow-up conducted and communicated to thegrievance.patient, patients family or patient representative? Grievances are reviewed and communicated via a written If staff are unable to assist with the concern orresolution within the timeframe of 7 to 10 calendar days by complaint, staff should communicate to theirthe governing body or delegated person/committee with:immediate supervisor for a doable solution ANDOur contact personcommunicate back to the family. Steps taken to investigateGrievanceis a formal or informal written or verbalResults of the grievance processcomplaint (when the verbal complaint about patient care isDate of completionnot resolved at the time of the complaint by staff present) by a patient, or the patients representative, regardingApology to the patient, patients family for the negative the patients care, abuse or neglect, issues related to theexperience hospitals compliance with the CMS Hospital Conditions of Participation (CoP), or Medicare beneficiary billing 8 Nicklaus Childrens Health System'