b'Anti-microbial (Antibiotic)Medication orders should be written and signed, including date and time, by the practitioner or practitioners Stewardship Program responsible for the care of the patient according to hospital policyTelephone or verbal orders are to be used infrequently What is Anti-microbial (Antibiotic) Stewardship?Anti-microbial (Antibiotic) stewardship programs areThe following elements are to be included in any written, coordinated interventions designed to improve andverbal medication ordermeasure the appropriate use of [antibiotic] agents byName of patientpromoting the selection of the optimal [antibiotic] drug regimen including dosing, duration of therapy, and routeAge and weight of patient, or other dose calculation of administration- Pediatric Infectious Disease Societyrequirements, when appropriate[PIDS], 2018 Date and time of the orderDrug nameThe Anti-microbial (Antibiotic) Stewardship ProgramDosage form (e.g., tablets, capsules, inhalants)(ASP) monitors and analyzes antibiotic use throughoutExact strength or concentrationthe organization. This data is shared with key providers, leaders, and various stakeholders to improve futureDose, frequency, and routeantibiotic usage Quantity and/or duration, when applicableEducating staff on antibiotic resistance and optimalIndication for use when appropriate (including orders prescribing measures is key to an ASP. Ongoing trainingfor PRN administration and/or multiple uses of of providers, pharmacists, and nurses about antibiotic usemedication)remains crucial to cultivating our patients, families, andSpecific instructions for use (e.g., more than one the community awareness (National Quality Forum [NQF],medication for same use such as a pain, nausea)2016) Name of prescriberProvider DocumentationEnsure patients history and physical, anesthesia, and operative notes are completed per regulatory requirementsNursing Points of InterestDietaryFood and Nutrition Services has a dedicated staff that supplies and stocks the units with baseline par Provider Points oflevels. Part of restocking responsibilities is to ensure Interest items are always rotated utilizing First in-First out (FIFO) method to avoid items usage post the use by date. Medication Management Always verify the use by date before serving items to a patient and their family.Providers must include the name of the drug, the dosage and frequency of administration and the route of administration.36 Nicklaus Childrens Health System'