b'IsensixA process of accurately monitoring and tracking environmental dataIsIsensix is a way for central collection on a secured server with intranet-wide remote access to temperature monitoring. Isensix is an effective use of reducing unnecessary citations for improvement for non-compliance to regulatory and accreditation standards. It is a viable solution to validate, calibrate, and document temperature monitoring.The Isensix is alarming, what should I do?Security will notify charge RN of unit and document in Isensix. If alarm comes from the outside clinics after normal operational hours, Security must contact the Center on-call personnel or manager in charge.Charge RN (or other person receiving the call) check the specified refrigerator/freezer and attempt to find a solution and report to Security within 1 hour to generate a work order. Trouble shooting: Check to see if the module got unplugged from the electrical power outlet on the wall and it needs to be plugged back on.If the Isensix unit is correctly plugged in and the refrigerator or freezer temperature is high or low, Security should report it to Plant Operations for appropriate action.If the temperature is within limits and no obvious problems are identified with the equipment, Security will report it to Clinical Engineering to check or review the Isensix monitorMeasurement TraceabilityWhat is Traceability? Traceability means a measurement results can be related to a known reference guide by an unbroken chain of accredited comparisons. Our Clinical Engineering department handles many of these devices. For further information, call 305-662-8309Medical devices equipped with measuring capabilities are used within our facilities daily. Common traceable devices are hospital beds, patient weigh scales/lifts, and thermometers. Measuring instruments shall be:1) Calibrated or verified at specified intervals or prior to use against measurement standards traceable to international/national standards.2) Identified to determine their status. Is my equipment working appropriately? Does it need service?If the equipment is broken, complete the Service Required sticker & call Clinical Engineering at Ext #83091)Safeguarded from adjustments, damage, or deterioration that would invalidate the calibration status and subsequent instrument results. Clinical Engineering regularly calibrates devices for optimal performance.2024 Survey Readiness Guide 25'