b'Proper training: 1 hour face-to-face 3 Meals/Snacks are offered at least 3 times a day, if Training for an RN or PA to conduct the 1-hour face- applicableto-face evaluation would include all the training3 Vital Signs are documented at least every 4 hoursrequirements at 482.13(f) as well as content toEliminating ligature risk in patients with suicidal ideations evaluate the patients immediate situation, the patientsis necessary. Most suicides are a result from using hinges, reaction to the intervention, the patients medical andgrab bars, or handles in their room, shower curtains, or behavioral condition, and the need to continue orsink and ceiling pipes. Maintain an area that is ligature terminate the restraint or seclusion.resistant, if feasibly possible.An evaluation of the patients medical condition would include a complete review of systems assessment,What is Ligature Resistant? Ligature resistant means behavioral assessment, as well as review andlacking areas where bed sheets and cords can be tied to assessment of the patients history, medications, mostan attachment in an attempt to self-harm.recent lab results, etc. The purpose of the 1-hour face-to-face evaluation is to complete a comprehensive review of the patientsA prevention method to curb this ligature risk is required condition and determine if other factors, such as drugby CMS to keep all staff & patients safe. This requires or medication interactions, electrolyte imbalances,continuous 1:1 supervision by a CPI trained personnel of hypoxia, sepsis, etc., are contributing to the patientsany patient with suicidal ideation outside of psychiatry. violent or self-destructive behavior. This protection includes removal of loose, sharp objects, or cords from the room/area that can be used as a weapon Ways we protect our patients rights: or inflict harm.Thorough education on the appropriate use ofDontrestraints and seclusionUse of least restrictive interventions 8Tuck a patients sheets in so tightly that he/she cannot Ensuring sufficient nursing staff moveHaving policies and environmental supports in place8Use wrist holders/highly padded mitts or other types of devices Enforcing documentation requirements8Use a side rail to prevent a patient from voluntarily Reducing ligature risk by having the minimumgetting out of bednecessary in patient rooms can improve patient safety,8Place hand mitts and attach them to bedding specifically in nourishment rooms, visitor storage, light fixtures, and exam rooms within the hospital setting. Staff8Discontinue an order and then restart it (constitutes it should secure personal belongings and remove any otheras a PRN order)items that may contribute to harmful behavior.Dos and DontsDo3 Every 2 hours, observation includes:-Behaviors-Restraints removed/ ROM-Circulation/Skin checks-Toilet/Hygiene offered-Fluids offered hourly, if applicable40 Nicklaus Childrens Health System'