b'Life Safety Making sure trash is regularly removed Enforcing the No Smoking PolicyKnowing locations of fire alarm pull stations and Alternative Life Safety Measures (ALSM) are plannedextinguishersactions taken when fire suppression/alarm systems areKnowing alternative emergency exitsnot functioning properly, or emergency egress exits are blocked Knowing your role in R.A.C.E. (Rescue, Alarm, Contain, Evacuate); P.A.S.S. (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep)Did you complete a PCRA? In Case of an EmergencySecurity hours: 24/7 Ext. 4911 (Off-sites call 911)R.A.C.E.Rescue Remove patient, visitors, and employees from immediate dangerAlarm- Activate Alarm; Dial 4911 (or 911 for off-site locations); Describe the incident Contain Close all doorsPCRA Projects - New Item (intranet) Evacuate or Extinguish- ONLY extinguish small, controllable firesDuring Construction / Use horizontal evacuationRenovation ProjectsGo beyond smoke compartment into a safe zone or exit to Our actions can greatlyan area of refuge if on the 1st floor affect our safety within the organization. Remember the sixP.A.S.S.Interrogatives of Life Safety Pull- the pinWhat? Temporary actions are taken to reduce fire and lifeAim- at the base of the firesafety hazardsWhen? Any time normal Life Safety measures areSqueeze- the handledisrupted Sweep- use a sweeping motion to extinguish the fireWhere? Any area life safety deficiencies exists due toClasses of Fire Extinguisherstemporary changes in construction/designClass A: paper, lumber, cardboard, plastics, etc.Who? All employees who work in areas under ALSMClass B: flammable or combustible liquids such as Why? To maintain a safe environment for patients, visitors,gasoline, kerosene, and common organic solvents used in and staff the laboratoryHow? Employees Participate in ALSM by:Class C: electrical equipment, such as appliances, Keeping exits and corridors clearswitches, panel boxes, power tools. Water can be a dangerous extinguishing medium because of the risk of Keeping storage areas clean & neat electrical shockParticipating in fire drills2024 Survey Readiness Guide 27'