b'Public Safety | Security Code Ivory (Infectious Disease) has met the established criteria. The patient will be placed in isolation/quarantine to safeguard those around them.Example(s): Hemorrhagic Public Safety Department ensures the safety, and well- fevers, MERS, and SARSbeing of patients, staff, and visitors on NCHS properties.Personal Protective Our trained and certified security officers respond to allEquipment (PPE), as a code calls at NCHS. healthcare provider, youCall Security for non-emergencies at extension 8585 orMUST wear PPE if you for emergencies at extension 4911 encounter these patient(s). PPE Level 1 packs for suspected exposure for cases, (travel history or possible contact with infected person) Badge access and Level 2packs for symptomatic casesAccess Control: Electronic Locks Follow all established Donning & Doffing steps. Always All Nicklaus Children Hospital issued ID Cards/Badgesfollow the industrial hygiene and infection control and Proximity Cards have unique access permissions thatpractices established by NCHS, to help avoid potential control which doors/gates on campus that an individualexposures.can open. ID Card/Badgeprovides access to parking,If confirmed, the patient will be transferred to a corridors, elevators, and main office areas by waving thepreselected treatment room in the ED or Urgent Care card in front of a reader panel. An individuals supervisor,Center and the Code Ivory Team will be activated.unit leader determines access permissions in accordance with Public Safety policy. Code Orange means that a trauma patient is inbound. The Trauma Team will be prepared to receive the patient in the Emergency Department.Know your Emergency CodesEmergency CodesTraumacontribute to the safety of the health system. Allowing providers, clinicians, and staff to respond quickly to emergencies. Ensure you have the most recent badge buddy! Here are aThe Trauma Center at Nicklaus Childrens Hospital (NCH) few below: provides trauma care and services to the pediatric population of Miami-Dade County and neighboring areas.Code Blue is widely used in healthcare. If you are not nearAs a state designated Pediatric Trauma Center, Nicklaus the Code Blue button dial ext. 555. Give the operator yourChildrens Hospitals mission is to provide optimal patient location. If you know CPR, begin resuscitation procedures.care from the moment of injury through to rehabilitation.Continue CPR until the Code Blue Team arrives. Note the time of the incident. Timing is critical in the case of a cardiac or respiratory arrest. Code documentation must beCode Red indicates fire. Remember to Rescue, Alarm, in the chart within 24 hours. Contain, and Evacuate (R.A.C.E.) and fire extinguishing training to Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep (PASS). Ensure Code Orange This code means that a trauma patient isthat fire drills have been completed in your unit.inbound. The Trauma Team will be prepared to receive the patient in the Emergency Department.2024 Survey Readiness Guide 21'