b'Procedural Sedation Before Procedural Sedation Pre-sedation assessments must be completed prior to starting sedation Patient Selection Guidelines: Patients who are ASA Class II or I are candidates for moderate or deep sedation by non- anesthesiologist sedation providers on the main campus and outpatient centers where certified sedation staff are present.Ensure your provider has authority to sedate the patient in iPrivileges on the portal. All privileged practitioners performing or ordering tests/services must have appropriate licensure and exclusion status checks as defined by hospital bylaws.IPrivileges contains the providers privileges at the hospitalAn informed consent must be obtained with signature, date, time, and level of sedation prior to the procedure start time. (NO ABBREVIATIONS)An order is required for sedation medications. All deep sedation medications must be signed and administered by a sedation privileged provider. To access IPrivileges log onto intranet portal underMake sure you have completed your timeout. It must be applications and scroll to find the applications. conducted immediately before starting the procedure Type into providers last name and confirm privilegeswith all parties presentwithin the organization.Procedural Sedation DocumentationEnsure your procedural sedation documentation is appropriately charted.Note, is the Ramsay score documented every 5 minutes.Vital signs should be documented every 5 minutes (Blood Pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, capnography, and pain).Document your patients intake and output amount in the PEDS I/O section.Educate, educate, & educate! Post sedation education and documentation is imperative including discharge instructions.Your post anesthesia score must be greater than 8 prior to discharge.Offer the school/work note to the caregiver and document acceptance or declination. Make sure you scan all documents into the computer for the patient encounter.2024 Survey Readiness Guide 43'