b'NCH Reminders and ResourcesEnsuring organizational principals ofExit doors with cutter/blocked Power strips are not connected/quality, transparency, accountability,Fire extinguishers blocked daisy chained/piggy backingand safety requires a proactive commitment to comply with regulatory requirements from all of us. The content in the educational resources that follow are essential elements to sustain our success.Physical EnvironmentClutter in hallways Lack of overall cleanlinessEnvironment of Care (EOC) Hours:Uncovered linen carts Exposed electrical wiresMonday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Ext. 3570Provides oversight to the owners of the physical environment standards manage and collaborates with stakeholders to identify andStretchers not secured/lockedmitigate environmental hazards. These functions include sevenRefrigerator temperatures notComputer screened not logged outcomprehensive areas to improvebeing monitored the quality of the patient careMedication Roomsenvironment:Unsecured CabinetsItems other than meds in Safety| Security| Hazardous Materialrefrigerator(Hazmat)| Life Safety| Medical Equipment| Utilities Management|Medication found open and Emergency Management unlabeled Clean Sweeps Expired medicationsClean Sweeps is a digital tool located on the intranet portal to promote a comprehensive review of the safetyMedication and food in the same conditions for patient, visitors, andareastaffDamaged upholsteryDecorations hanging from the Some areas to look for and fix are:ceiling/fire sprinklersLoose fixturesPrescription pads found on Ceiling tiles out of place/wet/ counters or unsecuredmold/ dirty Medications on counters in public Dust on clinical equipment access areas (Nursing stations, counters, patient rooms/beds/bedside tables)2024 Survey Readiness Guide 19'