b'International Organization for Standardization (ISO)What is ISO? Moreover, how do we incorporateClause 2 & 3: Normative Reference & Terms Definitionsthem in our organization? Relates to including basic ISO fundamentals and It stands for the International Organization forvocabulary into our operationsStandardization (ISO), setting healthcare standards toThe ISO fundamentals are composed of 3Cs:make a proactive commitment to the transparency,Provide consistent product or service.accountability, quality, and safety throughout healthcare.Improve customer satisfaction.Ten clauses outline ISO fundamentals.Continual improvement of the organizationConnecting the DOTS Clause 4: Context of the OrganizationRequires the hospital to consider internal and external ISO 9001:2015 does not specify the objectives relatingfactors and interested parties which can influence to quality or customer need. Organizations must definethe Management System, in terms of its structure, scope, these objectives themselves and continually improveimplementation and operation. their process to achieve them- www.iso.org Concern, Complaint and GrievanceCompliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards is a requirement of our DNV Healthcare Accreditation The organization shall protect and promote each patients rightsISO 9001:2015 ClausesISO 9001:2015 international standards are organizedWhat is the difference between a concern, a complaint, in 10 clauses (sections). Even though this may seemand a grievance?like a new concept, it illustrates what you do in your departments operations. Concern or issue - is that which affects the quality of Clause 1: Scope the customer experience because itdid not meet the customers expectations (e.g. dirty floor, warm blanket, Requires implementation of a NCHS Management Systemfood temperature).driven by the voice of our customer Patient/ Family. Everyone contributes to the Amazing Patient Experience.2024 Survey Readiness Guide 7'