b'Table of ContentsSurvey Survival 5 Do we have a Quality Management System? 15DNV & ISO 5 Survey Mantra 16NIAHO6 Talking to Surveyors 17International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 7 Maintaining Operational Excellence during inspections 17What is ISO? Moreover, how do we incorporate them in7 Documented Information | Control and Management 18our organization?Planning for Change 18ISO 9001:2015 Clauses 7NCH Reminders and Resources 19Clause 1: Scope 7Clause 2 & 3: Normative Reference & TermsPhysical Environment 19Definitions 7 Clean Sweeps 19Clause 4: Context of the Organization 7 Medication Rooms 19Concern, Complaint, & Grievance 7 Treatment/Therapy Areas 20What is the Difference Between a Concern,7-8 Staff 20Complaint, and a Grievance?Public Safety | Security 21Patient Bill of Rights 9Badge access 21Clause 5: Leadership 10Know your Emergency Codes 21Quality Pillar Scorecard & Service Excellence Data 10Trauma 21Quality Pillar Scorecard 10Know your Spills 23Patient Safety 11Serious Safety Event Identification, Management, andSafety Data Sheet 23Reporting 11 Emergency Management 24Service Excellence Data 12 Isensix 25Clause 6: Planning 12 Measurement Traceability 25Quality Objectives 12 Plant Operations 26Clause 7: Support 12 Missing Ceiling Tiles 26Clause 8: Operation 13 Fire Doors Latching 26Contract Management 13 Penetrations 26Clause 9: Performance Evaluation 13 Elevators 26Internal Assurance 13 Medical Gases 26Internal Audits 14 Life Safety 27Process Based Audits 14 In Case of an Emergency 27Clause 10: Improvement 14 Must Know Fire Safety 28Nonconformity and Corrective Actions 15 Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) 28NCHS Management System 15 Hand Hygiene 28'