b'their job as required by their job description. CompetenceMedical equipment and supplies vendors.is measured by education, licensure, certifications, andOffice equipment and supplies vendors.skills experience. Construction/Real estateOur infrastructure and work environment are aIT contractscomponent of this clause by including life safety, security, safety, medical equipment, and emergency management.Media and public relations contractsIn addition, it incorporates support functions such asFoundationtransportation, information systems, cleanliness, andResidency and teaching agreementsinfection control.Contracts for other services the organization may need (security, custodial services, catering, etc.)This clause requires our health system to control, maintainContract management links each contract to the correct and retain documented information. (E.g., policies &approver, department, cost center, and performance metric procedures, protocols, medical records, checklists,to allow for seamless integration and DNV compliant meeting minutes, dashboards, employee HR files, etc.) practices.It is everyones responsibility to make sure we provide our Clause 8: Operation service consistently by following our documented policies and procedures. For training or contract questions, call the Requires linking all processes to provide consistentLegal Department at (786) 624-5780.services to our patients and families. For instance, our health system must evaluate vendors and contractors to make sure they provide quality supplies and services. Contract ManagementAn efficient contracts management system allows healthcare organizations to provide the best possible care to patients, reduce operating costs, assure adherence to compliance requirements, and mitigate risk.As healthcare organizations are bound to uphold various laws and regulations, including Stark Law, HIPAA, the Federal Anti-Kickback Law, and safe harbor regulations.Clause 9: Performance EvaluationAny of these are subject to change, and new compliance guidelines may be presented. Legal counsel works toRequires determining how things are working, analyzing ensure that the contract management system helps theirinformation, and making improvements using lean organization stay compliant.methodology tools (i.e., Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)). Our Contract Management System inter-relates all partsOur Lean Transformation Office Department can of one streamlined process that involves the severalprovide support with lean training, coaching and project functional groups, communication between all parties ismanagement. This clause covers the measurement, more effective and efficient, and reducing wasted timeanalysis, and evaluation of the Management System, which completing redundant work. is completed by conducting regular internal assurance audits to identify gaps in processes and determine what, What areas does contract management serve? should be changed and improved.Patient transfer agreementsInternal Assurance Physician agreements What is Internal Assurance Auditing? - A systematic, Partnerships and affiliations independent, and documented process for obtaining Organizations objective evidence (i.e., data supporting existence and verity of something) and evaluating it objectively to Donation/Gifts determine the extent to which it meets audit criteria 2024 Survey Readiness Guide 13'