b'Oxygen cylinders not labelled (fullTreatment/Therapy Areas Staff eating/ drinking in nurses or empty)/ secured station, clinical areas or outside of Not cleandesignated areasExpired products Staff improperly discarding/not Doors propped open utilizing appropriate PPEEating and drinking in clinical areasUnlamented Paper taped to walls and doors Anesthesia equipment Eyewash Station, Emergency Items under sink Shower, and Eyewash BottlesAlcohol hand rinse expired Eyewash stations/ showers must Full red sharps container be checked weekly Unsecured electrical outletsCardboard boxes found in areaReturning unused meds to PyxisEyewash bottles are documented quarterly All deficiencies must be logged in the Dust accumulation VERGE and reported immediately to Hand soap expired Facilities Management at Extension #4357, option two. Forward all Syringes not labeled (name, DOB,Staff logs toEnvironmentofcare@date, time, drug name, mg/volume) nicklaushealth.org Med room visibly dirty Artificial nails/chipped nail polish/Ensure buffered lidocaine has capnail length greater thaninchsecure when not in use No ID badge/not above the waist The current American National Medication in staff pockets andStandards Institute (ANSI [Z] 358.1-unsecured designated medication2009; OSHA 29CFR) provides for areas eyewash and shower equipment in appropriate situations when Logging off computers when notemployees are exposed to hazardous in use materials20 Nicklaus Childrens Health System'