b'shipping boxes and storage containers will be brokenPneumatic Tube Systemdown in an area separate from areas with clean and sterile supplies and disposed of. In any service or area where the potential for damageThe pneumatic tube system (PTS) is a transporting system to the integrity of the container exist, either throughthat delivers a carrier with approved laboratory specimens, moisture, deterioration, or disruption. pharmaceuticals, blood products and paper documents. Who can access the tube system? RN, LPN/LVN, Labeling Vials Care Assistants, ARNP, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Unit Clerks, Knowing when reagents expire Phlebotomist, & Laboratory personnelThe pneumatic tube carriers have color-coded designations: Yellow-non-pharmacy paper only, Blue-Pharmacy, Red-Laboratory, and Clear- for Blood Bank.Controlled Substances (Class II, III, IV, & V) can be sent using the Secured Transaction feature. Only Registered Nurses can remove controlled substances from the Glucometer reagent vials are to be labeled with expirationPneumatic Tube system. date (90 days from opening) Items prohibited from PTS transportation system:-Urine collection larger than the random collection containerI-STAT Cartridges -Syringes with attached needles-Medication on the do not tube list (See policy)A comprehensive component needed to perform blood-Items weighing over 7 lbs.analysis at the point of care-IV products greater than 1000ml in volume-Food items-Radioactive substances-Leeches or live animalsSpills in the PTS SystemIf a transported items spills in the PTS system, you shouldFirst Don GlovesContain any spill as soon as possible using absorbent bleach towels.Never forward contaminated or broken carriers A whole blood sample of approximately 1 to 3 drops is dispensed in the cartridge sample well and sealed.Sequester both carrier & Foam inserts for Plant Ops Cartridges should be kept in refrigerator between 2 toremoval8C (35 to 46F).Cartridges must be dated with 14-dayUse extreme care to avoid accidental cuts from broken expiration after removal from the refrigerator at a roomglass.temperature. Report all spills to Plant Ops at 305 321-5127 and generate an event report in RL2024 Survey Readiness Guide 35'