b'Clause 5: LeadershipRequires management to demonstrate leadership and commitment to the Quality Management System with their strategic direction, defined process approach, supplying resources, ensure delivery and throughput, establishing goals to monitor measure, promote enhancements, action to address risks and opportunities, operational planning, and improved performance. The goals are part of our Quality Policy (QUIPS Plan) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which align to NCHS Strategic Plan. All employees should understand their role in our organizational goals.Quality Pillar Scorecard & Service Excellence DataQuality measures that monitor to promote error-free environment, enhance safety of the care we deliver, and customer satisfaction.Quality Pillar ScorecardSome examples of quality measures in the Quality Pillar Scorecard are:Antimicrobial Use Emergency Department (ED) Left without being seen (LWBS)Sepsis InterventionPain intervention, & reassessment (AIR) managementHAC measures such as CLABSI, CAUTI, SSI, VTE, and Pressure InjuriesPatient Falls with InjuryMedication errors with HarmThese metrics are aligned to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Domains of Healthcare Quality as well other external guidance or entities where applicable such as: National Quality Forum (NQF), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Health and Safety Network (NHSN), Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS) and others. These metrics are monitored and reviewed on a monthly basis in order to ensure a safe environment of care through continuous improvement processes.10 Nicklaus Childrens Health System'