b'Accessing Interpretive4) For Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) services including language and sign language, please contact Services the Patient and Guest Relations department at ext. 4400 during regular business hours. For after-hours and weekends, please dial 0 for the operator.Patient & Guest Relations- Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.5)For In-Person (Face-to-Face) Interpretation, please - 5:00 p.m. Ext. 4400 after 5:00 p.m. & weekends call themake a request with the Patient & Guest Relations Operations Administrator (OA)department at ext. 4400 during regular business hours.For after-hours and on weekends, please contact the Operations Administrator (O.A.). Each request will be When Should You use a Professional Healthcarereviewed on an individual basis.Interpreter?Utilize a professional healthcare interpreter for health careSurvey Mantra related conversations encompassing:Assessment RemindersConsent Departments | Conduct your Readiness Consultation AssessmentCritical patient care decisions Sweep your unit before the survey using the Survey Discharge Planning Excursion Checklist. Correct deficiencies immediately. Education Submit service request as needed.Mental evaluation/Treatment Ask each other questions to prepare for the actual Test/Procedure survey. Familiarize yourself with the survival guide.Who can interpret non-health-relatedShare your findings with each other during daily information? huddles. Rehearsing the process can help your team prepare for the upcoming survey visit.An employee, family member, friend, or volunteer can beGreet the surveyor as they enter the unit. Know your utilized to interpret non-healthcare related informationunits and develop an agenda. Identify the significant only (i.e., playroom hours, comfort rounds, environmentalchanges from the last visit. Review your compliance related inquires).and clinical documentation prior to survey.Accessing Interpretive Services:Know what your departmental performance/quality improvement activities are, and any corrective action 1) Utilize BLUE phones located withinplans and initiatives that are going on in your specific your unit. department or area. 2)In case you do not have a BLUEDo not block fire alarm phone, please use the phones withpull stations, fire the translation line. extinguishers, or exit doors 3)In the event you or any member ofKeep hallways and your team do NOT have access toexit paths clear (a minimum of 8 feet). Do not store a phone with a translation line, please perform theitems closer than 18 inches from the ceiling or near a following steps from a phone with a speaker option: sprinkler.a.1-800-481-3293Know when, how, and where to evacuate your area in b.Enter account #501017931case of an emergency. c.PIN #6120 Know the process for ensuring that everyone, including visitors, is cleared from the area when told to evacuate. d.State the language needed and you will be connected to a translator2024 Survey Readiness Guide 45'