b'Plant Operations Fire Doors LatchingFire doors latching is so important. The prevent fire and Facilities Hours 24/7 Ext. 4357 option 2. smoke from spreading across our facility, proper latching Plant operations or facility management maintains thedoors keep the fire contained to a particular compartment physical environment in alignment with codes andor room. This gives our patient and staff a longer time to standards to ensure the effective implementation, safety,reach safety.and reliability of uninterrupted care to patients. PenetrationsThe maintenance support to the hospital and surroundingPenetration or fire stopping is an offsite locations involves the upkeep for electrical, utility,opening in a wall or floor assembly building structure, painting, plumbing and overall grounds. required to have a fire resistance Do you need something repaired? Is your area missingrating. The purpose of penetrations is ceiling tiles? Are your exit sign lights operable? Is yourto accommodate the passage of mechanical, electrical or medical gas valve malfunctioning? structural. Unprotected or poorly sealed penetration seals provide easy passage for fire smoke and gases. Check your How to place a service request for Plant Ops area for potential areas of concern ElevatorsElevator inspections evaluate whether or not all elevator equipment meet local and state regulations to ensure safety, performance, and maintenance of all related parts. Auditing allows for assessment of performance and service improvements. Thus, monthly fire fighter recall testing is needed to ensure proper working elevators in our facilities Medical GasesEnter your name, contact number, and your request detailsProperly secured gas cylinders is vital to from the drop-down box staff and patient safety. Materials are slow to ignite in air will burn quickly in oxygen rich environments. Ignition sources can be electro-surgical instruments (e.g. bovine or cautery pencil), defibrillators or any heat source. Securing cylinders:Properly labelled at all timesStore cylinders upright with chain or strap in cool, well ventilated, fire-resistant areas in accordance with federal, state, and local regulationsLocate cylinders where they will not be knocked over or damaged by falling objectsMissing Ceiling Tiles Close valve and secure caps when not in useCeiling tiles are important to theInspect cylinders for leaks and support brackets physical environment, especially in aregularly or structural integrityfire. A missing ceiling tile places the fireTransport cylinders using hand trucks designed for that sprinklers greater than 12 inches frompurposethe ceiling deck. This will allow heat and other products of combustion to reach above the ceiling space.Report leaks or damage to your supervisor immediately 26 Nicklaus Childrens Health System'