b'Do not prop open any door at any time, for any reasonWhy? This aids in safety in case of a fire Door wedges are NOT to be used.Make sure log in sheets are completed e.g., refrigerators if these are done manually & action plans documented. If online monitoring, reference online Isensix app to track and trend temperature rangesPersonal Reminders Final ThoughtsWhen talking with a surveyor, answer their questions to the best of your ability, but do not volunteerListen to the surveyor. Surveyor can have vital additional information. Get clarification if you aresolutions to enhance process flow. Thank them for their unsure of the question. Reach out to your colleaguesinformation.for assistance when you may not know the answer to aFocus on our service excellence that we provide. question or utilize our online resources (SDS, PolicyStat,Surveyor will observe our care in its natural PeopleSoft, SharePoint, etc.) environment. Concentrate on what we do every day. Comply with good hand washing. The excellent care we provide will shine. Know how patient health information (PHI) isIf an issue is identified. Notify the surveyor that you maintained, discarded, and secured. No patientwill investigate the matter and gather the supporting information is in public view. documentation. Get the information to the surveyor as Keep Your Badge Above Your Waist quickly as possible.46 Nicklaus Childrens Health System'