b'The Moments to Perform Hand Hygiene: 28 Symptoms of COVID-19 33Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 29 Transmission of COVID-19 33The Sequence for Donning and Doffing PPE 29 The Methods for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 33The Types of Personal Protective Equipment and theThe Moments of Hand Hygiene 33Moments for Donning/Doffing Personal Protective30Equipment The Steps for Hand Washing 33Gloves 30 Management and Storage of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes 34Isolation Gown 30 Labeling Vials 35Face/Eye Protection (Googles, Face Shield, Masks) 30 I-STAT Cartridges 35The Methods for Handling Materials in the Patient30 Pneumatic Tube System 35Environment Spills in the PTS System 35Soiled Patient-Care Equipment 30 Anti-microbial (Antibiotic) Stewardship Program 36Textile and Laundry 30 Provider Points of Interest 36Needles (and other sharps) 30 Medication Management 36The Use of Negative and Positive Air Pressure Rooms 30 Provider Documentation 36Negative Air Pressure 30 Nursing Points of Interest 36Positive Air Pressure 30 Dietary 36Isolation Precautions 31 Biohazard vs. Ziploc Bag Usage 37Standard Precautions 31 Biohazard Bags 37Transmission-Based Precautions 31 Ziploc Bags 37Contact Precautions 31 Kanban Splash Guards 37Patient Placement 31 IPOC 37Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 31 Medication Administration 37Droplet Precautions 31 Assessment and Reassessment 38Contact Enteric Precautions 32 Behavioral Health | Medical and Behavioral Restraints 38Airborne Precautions 32 Patient Bathroom Emergency Release 42Patient Placement 32 Procedural Sedation 43Personal Protective Equipment 32 Before Procedural Sedation 43Patient Transport 32 Procedural Sedation Documentation 43Isolation Precautions 32 Falls Prevention 44When Should You use Negative or Positive Pressure? 32 Accessing Interpretive Services 45Negative Pressure Setting 32 Survey Mantra Reminders 45Positive Pressure Setting 32 Departments | Conduct your Readiness Assessment 45What do the Green and Red Lights Mean? 32 Personal Reminders 46Trouble Shooting 32 Final Thoughts 46Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) 33 Glossary 47'