What is MRI-guided laser ablation surgery?

Also known as: Visualase.

MRI-guided laser ablation surgery is a non-invasive technique that’s used to treat brain tumors, epilepsy and other problems. As the name indicates, it uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to guide the placement of a laser fiber to precisely target and treat areas of the brain with abnormal structure or function.

Epilepsy specialists at Nicklaus Children's Brain Institute were the first in the Southeast--and the second in the nation-- to offer this minimally invasive laser surgery, called Visualase, for children with medically resistant pediatric epilepsy.

Who is a candidate for MRI guided laser ablation surgery (Visualase) for epilepsy?

The Visualase procedure may be recommended for some children with seizures that don’t respond to anticonvulsant medications.

Reviewed by: Ian O'Neil Miller, MD

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