Why Anesthesia?

It is important that your child is comfortable and stays very still during the test to ensure the most accurate results possible.

What is Anesthesia?

General Anesthesia makes your child’s entire body go to sleep and is needed for certain tests and procedures so that your child’s bodily reactions will be completely relaxed. With anesthesia, your child will not feel anything during the test or remember it afterwards.

  • An anesthesiologist specialized in working with children will be giving the anesthesia to help your child fall asleep.
  • Please make sure to provide the medical team with the correct medical history, current medications and any known allergies.
General anesthesia is given by an “IV” (intravenous) catheter.
  • IAn IV is a soft, plastic straw placed into the vein in the hand, arm or foot.
  • If applicable, numbing medicine may be used to help your child feel as comfortable as possible during the IV placement.

How anesthesia is received is based off of the child’s age, weight, and stress level. Please inform our hospital if your child has any special needs or developmental delays so that we can do our best to meet the unique needs of your child. Use the chart below as a general rule of thumb for receiving anesthesia at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

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