Outpatient Cardiology Program

Delivering the highest-quality care with convenient access

Phone: 1-888-624-2778

The Nicklaus Children's Outpatient Cardiology Program is recognized for expertise in the care and management of pediatric heart disease, offering evaluation and treatment for fetal, newborns, children and adults with a suspected or a diagnosed cardiac disorder. Part of Nicklaus Children’s nationally ranked Heart Institute; the outpatient cardiology clinic is committed to delivering the highest-quality care with convenient access to services for families in Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast.

The outpatient cardiology clinic provides extensive evaluation and management of patients with a wide range of cardiac disorders.

We are particularly recognized for care of:

  • Families with complex fetal cardiac diagnoses
  • Patients with complex congenital cardiac diagnoses
  • Patients with complex medical conditions requiring multiple subspecialty evaluations and coordination of care
  • Patients with cardiac concerns associated with genetic syndromes and advanced lipid disorders

Subspecialty Cardiology Clinics

Outpatient Cardiology Services

  • Echocardiogram for complex congenital heart disease
  • EKG, holter monitor, event monitor, and pacemaker/ICD analysis
  • Genetic testing to identify congenital heart conditions
  • 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • Exercise stress testing performed at offsite partner hospitals
  • Cardiac nutritional counseling with a licensed nutritionist
  • Advanced lipoprotein analysis

What can I expect during a cardiac outpatient evaluation?

  • During your visit expect to spend time with our team
  • Expect a detailed cardiac evaluation with attention to minimizing stress on your child and family
  • Expect to learn and feel empowered regarding your child’s cardiac diagnosis
  • Expect to have access to our team for future questions or concerns

Inpatient consultations also available at:

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