Athletic Training Services

Partnering with local communities to provide sports care

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Nicklaus Children’s licensed athletic trainers are contracted with local schools for sports coverage, sports physicals, club teams, athletic events, orthopedic physician extenders, organizations, & partnerships. Athletic Trainers (ATC’s) provide injury prevention and performace optimization, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injury.

What is an Athletic Trainer (ATC)?

An Athletic Trainer (ATC) is a licensed healthcare provider responsible for injury prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries as well as medical conditions. ATC’s within the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Sports Health Program provide injury prevention assessments and return to sports activities to keep young athletes healthy and on the field.

Our team of athletic trainers not only assist our orthopedic physicians in a clinical setting, but also provide outreach services within the community. Our outreach services include providing sports medicine coverage for games, practices, sports leagues and special events. Athletic trainers also provide education seminars to the sports community and schools on injury prevention and proper techniques and drills.

Goals and Benefits of Contracting an ATC

  • To reduce the risk of injury in the pediatric, pre-adolescent and adolescent athlete.
  • To identify and improve sub-optimal biomechanical alignment.
  • To facilitate neuromuscular education in the growing athlete to support performance
  • To improve athletic performance by ensuring optimal function of all body systems; cardiac, neurological, musculoskeletal, nutrition and physiology.
  • To educate the athlete and sports community on the specific needs of the pediatric, pre-adolescent and adolescent athlete.

Additional Services our Athletic Trainers Provide

Our ATC Staff

Nicklaus Children’s athletic training services also includes a vast per diem staff to meet all coverage needs in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.
  • Christian Gerstenkorn LAT, ATC
  • Aziza Chambers MS, ATC
  • Katherine DeLuque, ATC/L
  • Isabella Ancheta ATC/L
  • Mitzy Perez MS, ATC/L
  • Mark Perez MS, ATC/L
  • Cedia Dallas ATC/L
  • Zoe Greim ATC/L
  • Jason Saez ATC/L
  • Kayli Rudd MS, ATC/L
  • Kevin Viecco MS, ATC/L
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