Special Event Agreement Application

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Up to five (5) Org./Company affiliated guests are permitted to support the event. The names included agree to all Special Events Rules and Agreements.

Extra Guests*:
Must engage the children in activity
Yes/No. If yes, please explain.
One-time or monthly. If more, please specify.
Please note a new event form must be submitted for each event.
Yes or No
If yes, please provide the donating location/Store Number and upload Certificate of Insurance of company providing food for approval.
You may also request catering services by our Food & Nutrition Department.
Yes/No. If yes, please specify.
Please include quantity of characters/guests.
Yes/No. If yes, please specify.
Yes/No. If yes, please specify.
To be determined by Nicklaus Children's Staff based on nature of event.
Have you already donated your item/service?*: